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miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

¿Qué sucedió realmente en Bilderberg 2017?


Bilderberg 2017

martes, 4 de julio de 2017

Los 9 Pilares de la Desinformación Global

Hay 9 sorprendentes verdades que quizás no lo sean tanto, la fuerza con
la que quieren meternos esas ideas en la cabeza, no es más que el
síntoma de una desesperada necesidad que tienen por convencernos de lo
que quizás sea una gran mentira, en el siguiente video, desenmascaramos
esas verdades monolíticas.

lunes, 3 de julio de 2017

la verdad oculta, somos esclavos

Somos Esclavos del dinero.

Posiblemente trabajas duro haciendo
algo que odias para ganar un poco de dinero fiduciario. El trabajo es
importante y el dinero paga las cuentas, sin embargo, muchas personas
pierden los mejores años de su vida haciendo cosas que odian tan sólo
por dinero.

La verdad sobre nuestro dinero moderno es que no
tenemos dinero, en lugar de eso contamos con moneda inflacionaria
fiduciaria, que es de propiedad privada y manipulada.

Como aun
es necesario para sobrevivir en este mundo, lo mejor que puedes obtener
por tu tiempo es hacer algo en lo que te guste trabajar con gente que no
desprecies. Vivir con menos dinero es más fácil de lo que creemos
necesitar, sólo tenemos que ir contra la corriente para darnos cuenta de

Funciona más o menos así: tienes un trabajo que odias, o
que acaba por deprimirte, pero que paga lo suficiente como para sacarte
de esa depresión con bienes de consumo que crees indispensables para tu
comodidad, como electrónicos, ropa de marca, perfumes caros, etc. Cuando
más trabajas, más te deprimes y más consumes esos productos
“indispensables” para compensar la depresión, lo que te lleva a una
espiral infinita. Raramente alguien consigue salir de este círculo

Council on Foreign Relations - The Power Behind Big News

One version says that the CFR is an organization sister to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Britain), both founded in 1921 right after World War I when the League of Nations idea failed. The sole purpose of such organizations is to condition the public to accept a Global Governance which today is the United Nations. This is the true face of the so-called Globalists, and Centralized Power is what they are really after.

Another version says that the CFR was founded in 1911 by J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Paul Warberg as an agent for the Rothschild banking empire. They controlled all the money and they wanted to control all the news media to shape debate and channel people's thinking along manageable lines. This was supposed to have been reported and entered in the Congressional Record by House of Representatives by Oscar Calloway, in 1917, after his staff had researched and infiltrated this effort for several years.

domingo, 2 de julio de 2017

Anonymous Documentary: How The Mainstream Media Fabricates Fake News

Anonymous Documentary: How The Mainstream Media Fabricates Fake News
In this latest 2017 anonymous message we show you who really controls the mainstream media. The council that controls what you see on TV is exposed by anonymous. Donald Trump warned us about the lies in the mainstream media. Are you ready for the truth? If this won't open your eyes about the mainstream media and who controls the mainstream media, nothing will.

viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Dark Secrets of the Order

"Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British rule for the recovery of the United States for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire. What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible (Cecil Rhodes, 1853-1902)." Parenthetically, at the end of the film "The Rock" a lingering question is raised: "Do you want to know who killed Kennedy?" President Kennedy was killed shortly after his famous Secret Society speech. This video is a series of short clips including Bill Clinton, Ron Paul (on Professor Carroll Quigley) and other key witnesses to history. Quigley revealed a secretive "Anglo-American Order" tinkering with the shape of 20th Century (the third clip is Alex Jones' summary of Quigley). Does the Illuminati still exist? Their ideas exist: "Rhodes' similarities with Weishaupt are threefold: first, he came to the same conclusion as Weishaupt that creating his own secret society for the purposes of changing elite opinion was the only means to ensure that his goals could be achieved; second, he was similarly unimpressed by the Freemasons and the Jesuits, yet he copied their methods; and finally, his ultimate goal was essentially the same as Weishaupt, in that he sought to create a world order in which peace would prevail as divisions would be overcome by a global civilization, albeit an Anglo-Saxon one." The clips affirm inductively that there are spheres of power in the shadows that exert great influence. Moreover a handful of American companies financed both Hitler and communists - including General Electric. But in our day four media giants strangely propagate the same premises the Illuminati articulated in the 18th century (Viacom, General Electric, News Corp, and Disney). But if in doubt, follow the money (Rhodes, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, etc.). Edward Griffin warns: 1. The Federal Reserve is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives. 2. It is a [private] cartel operating against the public interest. 3. It's the supreme instrument of usury. 4. It generates our most unfair tax. 5. It encourages war. 6. It destabilizes the economy. 7. It is an instrument of totalitarianism. The Secret Society started the Royal Institute of International Affairs and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) In 1921, funded by the Rockefellers, the RIIA founded its American wing -- known as the Council on Foreign Relations. As its membership is marginally more public than its British counterpart it is clearly seen that anyone who has had any influence on American or global politics ever since has been a member of the CFR. This includes 14 of the last 18 US Secretaries of State; the previous eight CIA directors; the majority of presidential and vice-presidential candidates including Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Mondale, Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, Bush and Clinton.