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jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

La estafa del fracking

Augusto Hugo Peña (México) advierte sobre la estafa del fracking. La extracción de hidrocarburos mediante dicho sistema solo produce pérdidas para los inversionistas y contaminación para el medio ambiente.

The Sandy Hook Gun Control False Flag - Sandyhoaxed 2nd Edition

Many Questions surround the Sandy Hook event which is the latest strange event being used as the catalyst for gun control measures across the country

1. Where is the Surveillance camera footage? The school installed security cameras at the front door, which should have shown the gunman entering the school- These have never been shown to the public, and have never been addressed by "law enforcement" once. This is similar to the 9/11, Tucson, and Aurora events.

2. Why is it no evidence at all has been shown to the public- not one bloody footprint exiting the school, not one picture from inside the school, not one picture from inside the Lanza's home? In a mass-shooting, there should be some blood, some bodies being taken away from the area, but no pictures show any bodies being taken out of the school. The staging area- tarps show no bodies. Only 3 people were allegedly taken to Danbury Hospital, and none of them have been identified. There is in actually, not ONE person from the crime scene that can say they had an ID on Adam Lanza, because the alleged gunman was wearing a mask.

3. Why was the media so confused about Adam Lanza's mother being a teacher at the school- complete with testimony from a school, nurse saying she knew both Adam and his mother, Nancy and Nancy was "A great teacher" when in fact Nancy had no connection to the school whatsoever, nor did Adam? How could such a huge mistake be made?

4. The "Medical Examiner" Wayne Carver appears to be laughing, knows few details about what actually happened: ex: "How many were boys and how many were girls?" Answer: "I have no idea".

5. Nobody has seen "Adam Lanza" for at least 3 years. "Adam Lanza" has no online fingerprint- no internet posting, no facebook, no twitter, no contact with friends, absolutely nothing. Nobody in town has seen him, his picture does not appear in the yearbook photos and his alleged computer was smashed to pieces so small the FBI couldn't find information on it.

This "disappearance" of Adam Lanza coincides with the "appearance" of Ryan Lanza- Ryan has no history before Adam appeared, "Adam had Ryan's ID on him" etc. In genealogical records- it shows only Adam Lanza as having been born to Peter and Nancy, no record of Any Ryan. It appears that Ryan is in fact Adam Lanza- having changed his name, his social acquaintances after going to college.

The Photoshopped images of "Adam" are obviously taken from Ryan. Very few people ever report seeing the two brothers together- in fact, only 1.

6. Peter and Ryan Lanza have not spoken on camera since this event has happened. Peter is one of the only people who has claimed to see Adam Lanza's body, but we don't even know if Peter is alive at this point- there are just a few old pictures of him, and no follow ups whatsoever.

Ryan has also not spoken since this event.

8. ID badges were seen on many of the participants in this event- plain clothes people who appear to be participating in a mock-terror drill- other videos go into more detail on this, such as this one, beverages were provided, signs saying "everyone must check int" were seen, and people were wearing ID tags:

9. The RIP Victoria Soto Facebook page appeared 4 days before the shooting happened:

10. Many of the most "influential" and "high profile" parents from Newtown are Musicians and Actors, most of the "aspiring" the exact kind of people who crave the limelight and might be willing to do anything for fame and a payoff.

11. Many of the main families involved in this event recently moved to Sandy Hook in the last few years.

12. Where is the "hero janitor" Rick Thorne who supposedly ran at Adam Lanza and told him to put his gun down? Rick Thorne hasn't been interviewed one time- strange for the biggest hero of this event.. A man who was lucky enough to run right into a crazed gunman's face, tell him to put his gun down and survive is about as far-out as any story could be.

13. Why are many of the "family members" involved in this event seen laughing and making jokes right after their "loved ones are brutally murdered"? It is ridiculous to think that entire families would be smiling and laughing- not shedding any tears over their lost loved ones so soon after they were killed.

14. Why was Robbie Parker asking for donations on the day of this alleged shooting? Doesn't a family member usually grieve for their loved one right after an event like this, not rush to put together donation pages to get as much money as possible?

How much money will the "Sandy Hook Families" be receiving in "compensation"- and how much money will others be making after being hired to work for people such as Michael Bloomberg, like Stephen Barton did after Aurora?